GGizem Akdag
Elderly Woman Walking in the City






Elderly Woman Walking in the City

The image captures an elderly woman as she walks along a city street. She has a gentle expression, her head tilted downwards, perhaps caught in a moment of contemplation. Her hair is silver-grey, and she’s dressed warmly in a stylish, brown and black houndstooth coat over a black sweater, accessorized with a cream scarf. She carries a brown handbag and somewhat distinctively, a plastic bag filled with bright orange berries, adding a splash of color to the autumnal palette of her outfit. The lighting is natural, highlighting the textures of her clothing and the wispy strands of her hair, which give an overall feeling of a serene, crisp fall day. The setting is quite simple, with a creamy-beige column and a glass window reflecting the sunny day, creating a contrast of the warmth to the chill suggested by her attire.