Optical Illusion of Colorful Refraction






Optical Illusion of Colorful Refraction

The image features a clear glass half-filled with water, set against a vibrant background split diagonally between a soft blue below and a bright yellow above. The glass is placed at the point where the two background colors meet, creating an interesting visual effect where the water line aligns with the line dividing the two background colors. This alignment results in part of the glass with water appearing to be filled with yellow liquid when in fact it is just an optical illusion caused by the background. The simplicity of the composition highlights the interplay of colors and refraction, and the viewer might initially be tricked into thinking the water is colored when it’s actually clear. The clean lines of the glass and the clarity of the water, paired with the bold background colors, give the image a fresh and minimalist aesthetic. The shadows cast by the glass add depth to the image and suggest that the environment is brightly lit, likely by natural light or a strong artificial source.