Add a cool touch to Webflow sites with free images

Access thousands of free, AI-crafted images perfect for elevating your Webflow sites. Quickly add and customize stunning photos directly within your development workflow.

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Find the perfect image fast

Use advanced filters to find images by color, orientation, focal point, and number of people. This makes it easy to pick the right visual for your site's theme.

Customize images to match your site

Play around with brightness and contrast, or add a Duotone effect to make sure every image fits your site’s design perfectly.

Add creativity with ease

Insert random images into your Webflow projects when you need a burst of inspiration or to add a unique touch with just a single click.

See it in action

Watch our demo to see how easily you can boost your design and development Webflow workflow with Lummi. Learn how to add and tweak images without leaving your creative flow.

Developers and designers love Lummi

I source free photos from Lummi AI! They allow you to see the prompt used to create the photo and it has unique things that would be hard to find on a stock site.

Timothy Ricks — Webflow Expert

Crafted by creators

for creators

Every image is created by professional designers and artists who know what works for today’s Webflow developers and product designers.

Make your Webflow sites unforgettable

Give your web projects a visual uplift with Lummi’s handpicked, AI-generated images. Start creating with tools that bring distinction to your designs.

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Discover more apps

If you’re looking to improve other design projects outside of Canva, Lummi has integrations with more of your favorite design tools.